Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Ejankulator janks one again.

Blogging Tory and Premature eJankulator Steve Janke has his panties in a bunch:

Janet Napolitano, Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, has proven herself to be unfit for the job, displaying ignorance of the most basic facts concerning one of the most serious threats facing the United States, as summarized in this widely read editorial from the National Post:

Can someone please tell us how U. S. Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano got her job? She appears to be about as knowledgeable about border issues as a late-night radio call-in yahoo.

Informed of her error [in claiming that the 9/11 terrorists slipped in the United States via Canada], Ms. Napolitano blustered: "I can't talk to that. I can talk about the future. And here's the future. The future is we have borders."

Just what does that mean, exactly?

You know, Steve, as someone who's a staunch defender of a political party whose federal Science Minister doesn't believe in evolution, you might want to reconsider insulting the intelligence of another country's political appointments, know what I mean?

Oh, and there's this from Steve:

This is one of those editorials that makes me proud to be associated with the National Post.

And no one would ever doubt that you two deserve each other.


Ti-Guy said...

This is one of those editorials that makes me proud to be associated with the National PostThe soon-to-be-bankrupt National Post?

He's actually right about Napolitano, but he's only being critical now because she's part of Obama's administration. As you imply, the critical spirit is very selective among moral imbeciles like Wanke and the rest of the Conservatards.

Dee said...

Funny how memory slips when there's a democrat in the White House.

Protectionism under the guise of border security. Works for me.