Friday, April 17, 2009

Fellate much, Stephen?

Jesus, would someone hand Stephen Taylor a paper towel?

AFTERSNARK: You have to love Taylor's unabashed adoration of Stephen Harper's work ethic:

The Prime Ministership of Canada, by its very nature, is an all encompasing [sic] and busy job. Some note that this Prime Minister is hands on with a number of portfolios, taking ownership of a number of issues as they arise.

Yes, Steve, we've all noticed that about your hero. It's called being a narcissistic, self-absorbed, micro-managing control freak. Really, it hasn't escaped our attention.


Ti-Guy said...

Gosh, Taylor's been on a veritable sex tour in the last while.


deBeauxOs said...

Stephen Taylor's artless show'n'tell of the Con's Rovian tactics is disingenous to say the least; it's an ugly and slimy sight to behold, yet fascinating in its Aw-shucks, just one of many more tricks to come manner.