Tuesday, April 28, 2009

It's because I'm cruel, that's why.

Whenever I'm feeling mean, I know I can always hop in the wayback machine and find something retarded that Blogging Tory "Hunter" once posted that, in hindsight, looks just, well, retarded. Oh, look:

Tuesday, June 24, 2008
Mucker's Off Dion!
I can see the Liberals drooling over this news.

Alberta posts a 4.6 billion surplus.

Record high oil prices and a booming population pushed Alberta’s budget surplus to $4.6 billion in the 2007-08 fiscal year — despite record spending.

The financial report for the year ended March 31 shows that resource revenues shot well past early predictions and reached $11 billion — the third-highest in Alberta history.

Government officials concede that with oil now trading at more than US$130 a barrel another windfall of resource revenues is in the offing.

Oh, I know us selfish, rednecked Albertans aren't willing to share with poor, soon to be have not, Ontario. Hey Ontario, who do you think is buying all those big honking trucks you produce?

So, Hunter ... how's that booming Alberta economy working out for you? Oh, dear:

Feb 27, 2009

Alberta's deficit grows deeper
Province in the hole for $1.4B
The Edmonton Sun

EDMONTON -- Alberta's financial situation is even bleaker than reported just a week ago and next year is going to be even worse.

That's the message from Alberta Finance Minister Iris Evans yesterday who gave an official third-quarter update for fiscal year 2008-09. The fiscal year ends March 31.

A new budget comes down April 7.

One week ago, the finance minister revealed the province would be in the hole $1 billion this year.

But that's now grown to $1.4 billion. The bulk of the cash to cover the deficit is available because the government isn't topping up the Heritage Fund with money the rainy-day fund lost recently.

"Yes, we have a deficit," Evans told reporters, "and we will have a deficit next year."

It's not like I want to generalize but what is it about Albertans and their economic retarditude? It really is a disturbing pattern.


Cameron Campbell said...

I'm still waiting for the money back for the fed help in working out how to exploit the tar sands...

KEvron said...

hunter offers absolutely no challenge. all one has to do antmore is close his eyes and randomly drop his finger on the screen, and there's yet another road apple to kick about.

and those other jackasses just encourage her. i bet they get her eat dirt clods when we're not around....


liberal supporter said...

I always enjoy hunter's, because you are almost guaranteed to see exactly whatever it is she is against in the post, happening in the comments.

So today she wants the CPC to be more positive. Notwithstanding she wants us all to pay for it, because she wants gc.ca to be yet another party organ, but she wants the CPC to be positive, and stop with the attack mode. Fair enough, a reasonable plea.

Then in the comments it's well, business as usual. They just can't resist going all Monte Solberg. His articles in the Sun are just one notch below the smarmy smirking style we see at hunter's. I think the CPC sends his rejected articles to hunter and she dutifully publishes them.

I'm quite certain her blog is frequented by CPC insiders and is mainly used to float all manner of trial balloons. Hasn't anyone else noted the marked difference between the writing quality in the posts themselves, compared to her comments?

It isn't too hard to read between the lines at hunterville to see what is bothering the CPC war room on any given day.

KEvron said...

WAY too much credit.


Ti-Guy said...

Notwithstanding she wants us all to pay for it, because she wants gc.ca to be yet another party organAnd that supercilious twit Gabby sees no need to correct her.

That's how they do it...the brighter ones keep the dumber ones ignorant. It's in their interests to do so.

KEvron said...

i think i'll make "getiing hunter to shut down her comments" a regular game.


burpster said...

Alberta has somewhere between 15 and 30B. in the bank. Edmonton is still booming (if you breath you work) even if some of the mega projects have pretty much shut down.

Not sure what the grudge is where Alberta is concerned? Hunter's an idiot, but Alberta isn't a bad place to live. Until the world moves to something greener we're stuck with heavy or lower grade oil, and thats a fact. No amount of Alberta bashing will change it.

Ti-Guy said...

i think i'll make "getiing hunter to shut down her comments" a regular game.

This was her post-censorship comment:

"HA, this post obviously got the lefty trolls excited! Poor things the liberal darkness has invaded their minds and eaten away any last ruminant of brains they might have had left.""

"Ruminant"...heh. That's our big-boned prairie gal.

KEvron said...

and here's the closer:

"Gayle, control your little lefty buddies, and I might post your comments."

sounds fair to me.


CC said...

There really is something perpetually sad-making about someone who thinks whining and blackmailing her commenters represents a witty comeback. That's our Hunter.

One wonders if she's as much of an embarrassment to her kids as she is to the Blogging Tories. Probably.

Metro said...


You forget that Alberta, it's allies, and its Prime Minister are one of the reason's Canada isn't forging ahead on green tech.

Meantime, they've chopped the crap out of their healthcare (the bits they haven't privatized) and they're still screwing their environment into the ground.

Still a good place to live, maybe. But for how much longer?

WV= "pasta" Mmmm. Lunchtime!