Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Let the fake outrage commence in 3 ... 2 ... 1 ...

  • Blogging Tory co-founder and wingnut welfare wunderkind Stephen Taylor: Outraged.

  • Blogging Tory co-founder and wingnut welfare wunderkind Stephen Taylor: Eh, not so much.

Feel free to continue to lecture us on civility, Stephen. Seriously. I need the entertainment value.

AFTERSNARK: I love the idea of Taylor implicitly defending right-wing screech harpy and rabid eliminationist Michelle Malkin. That would, of course, be this Michelle Malkin (emphasis tail-waggingly added):

After nationally syndicated columnist and blogger Michelle Malkin posted the e-mail addresses and phone numbers of three members of Students Against War, they received a flood of obscene and harassing messages from around the country, including death threats. When a liberal Web site, in retaliation, published Malkin's cell phone number and home address, a full-blown blog war ensued.

"I am now forced to remove one of my children from school and move my family," Malkin wrote Thursday in an e-mail to the Sentinel.

Malkin, author and Fox News Channel contributor, runs one of the most popular right-wing sites on the Web, attracting 145,000 hits daily, according to Web log rankings on

On April 11, Students Against War flushed military recruiters out of a campus job fair.

The next day, Malkin copied the cell phone numbers and e-mail addresses of three student activists at the demonstration from a news release intended for journalists and pasted them in her online column titled "Seditious Santa Cruz vs. America."

"I woke up in the morning and my cell had 14 new messages, 25 missed calls and it kept going on," said SAW member David Zlutnick, estimating the group's three media contacts have already sifted through 500 e-mails, more than 100 with death threats.

When students called Malkin to request she remove the student information, Malkin reposted the names and numbers several more times. She defended the decision, blaming SAW for posting a link to the news release on its Web site.

Here's a thought, Stephen. It's hard to take you seriously when you get your panties in a bunch over a single hyperbolic and meaningless Twitter post, when the lady you're indirectly defending deliberately went out of her way to direct violence and death threats against a bunch of harmless college students.

Then again, Stephen, it was always hard to take you seriously. So I guess nothing's really changed. Here's hoping you and Preston Manning's family jewels have a long and happy life together.

OH, SWEET JESUS, THE IRONY. You'll never guess who just got the memo to get all a-twitter over this. No, seriously, you'll never guess.

All we need is for Blogging Tory and violent crime groupie "Neo Conservative" to clutch his pearls over this and my head will probably just explode from hypocrisy overload.


Ti-Guy said...

The wingnuts are going to kick up such a fauxtrage that Zerbisias probably will have to apologise.

Rev.Paperboy said...

yeah, they will piss and moan, but i don't see Antonia apologizing

Robert McClelland said...

Antonia should apologize and we should leave the eliminationist rhetoric to the right whingers; who never apologize for it even when it leads to liberals actually being murdered.

Ti-Guy said...

Antonia should apologize and we should leave the eliminationist rhetoric to the right whingers...That doesn't impress the whingers, who see apologies and other manifestations of decency as a sign of weakness.

But if she does, I hope she then goes after the little bastards like Stephen Taylor and Jonathan Kay for using their pulpits to marshall wingnut fauxtrage and subject their adversaries (especially the women) to ritual shaming and trumped up humiliation entirely out of proportion to the issue at hand.

CC said...

I was just going to post something along the lines of what Ti-Guy said -- Antonia should apologize, with two conditions:

* Don't do it just yet -- give it a few days to let the Canadian wankersphere get suitably cranked up over this and take snaps of everyone who clutched their pearls so mightily, then

* Apologize and accompany that with a *very* public challenge to Stephen Taylor to start policing the civility of his own flying Blogging Tory monkeys, with links to specific examples, starting with "Neo Conservative," whose entire life philosophy seems to be that the only good nigger is a dead nigger. And second on that list would be Kate McMillan.

If Taylor really wants to make an issue of this, then someone should hold him up front and centre as one of the major culprits in terms of bloggy incivility in Canada.

If Taylor wants to take potshots, he should be prepared for some heavy return fire, don't you think?

We're not done here.

JJ said...

Hmm... and the number of liberals who've shot up a church and cited Antonia's columns as their inspiration is...?

I agree that eliminationist rhetoric, even in humour, isn't helpful (since humour seems to be beyond the cognitive capabilities of the wingnut mind), but I think the wingnuts seriously need to STFU on this one.

Ti-Guy said...

How exactly do you challenge people who blithely lie about their emotional state (and pretty much everything else), all the time?

We know they're not outraged. We know this. These people apologise for torture, prisoner abuse, illegal invasions, engage in eliminationist rhetoric all the time and periodically burst forth with direct calls for mass murder and genocide.

This is just a bad faith attack and Stephen Taylor knows it. He also realised before everyone else that Twitter would be the perfect medium for wingnut swarming and wilding.

Just to add: let's all remember Michelle Malkin's direct influence in the suicide of Denice Denton a while back. Seriously, this woman has a body count.

thwap said...

When I started reading your post I forgot that Stephen Taylor isn't just Preston Manning's man-Friday, but also the proprietor of the BTs.

You're absolutely right! The stunning disconnect, the sheer hypocrisy of the host of that stew of violence, racism and stupidity getting on his high horse about anything!!!

Mike said...

I don't think Antonia should apologize for anything. It was a clear satirical poke at Dick Cheney at the expense of Malkin.

But if she does, she should also state that she is no longer against gun control and see what useless faps like Taylor think of that.

Robert McClelland said...

I don't think Antonia should apologize for anything.Apologizing is what sets us apart from the animals, Mike.

Frank Frink said...
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Frank Frink said...

I'm with CC re: his comment at 9:54 AM. As much as I would in general support the idea that Antonia should not have to apologize that decision may truly be out of her hands.

ps - Just a reminder that Malkin once stalked a 12-year old boy and his family. Remember Graeme Frost?

pps - Anyone else (JJ, The Beav, ACR, Chet, Dawg, Dammit Janet, Montreal Simon etc..) going to post about this other than CC? Think we owe it to AZ.

Alison said...

Oh lordie, lordie, some "Fred" over there is calling Z's joke "a Hate Crime". Minus two points for only using two caps.
Well, maybe little Steve will get Malkin a guest speaker spot at the Manning Center for Building Democracy out of it.