Thursday, April 16, 2009

How can we miss you if you don't, you know, fuck off?

Some folks don't take losing well:

Gov. Rick Perry: Texas Could Secede, Leave Union

Jesus, what a whiny bunch of shits. Oh, wait ... they'll have company:

Georgia Senate threatens to secede

Luckily, we Canadians are a hardier bunch, with more respect for democracy and the will of the people and ... and ... uh:

Coalition games fuel the fires of western separatism

I'm curious ... is it physically possible for today's wanks to be even more of a collection of snivelling crybabies?


Zorpheous said...

Well who can blame them, they couldn't teabag their way to freedom yesterday, so nows the time to grab their marbles and cry "It ain't fair, you won, I lost, I'm never playing with you guys again."

These guys keep going deeper and deeper into the deep end, I'm just waiting for the next rightwing loonie to go postal so we hear how stuff like that isn't their fault,...

vw = hypnetr

Niles said...

They're having a history class. Going from the War of Independence to the War of No'thuhn Agression in one swell foop.

I'm *sure* that a coloured freeman as president, which was one of the featured demonizations of Reconstruction after the er...cessation of the WoNA and yes there are many records of contemporary sources railing against granting ex-slaves the right to be politicians and to make laws -- said railings leading to outright unrepudiated vigilante violence of the uppity fellas and their liberal elite trash supporters has *nothing* to do with any of the public secessionist hostility now being unleashed. It's not like seceding states from the Union is illegal er nuthin'!!! And in the next breath they evoke Lincoln. The president so villified by the South they wouldn't even celebrate the 4th of July for years, even decades after the War.

It's like watching a car crash in slow motion from a nearby hilltop. I think Canada had best watch itself. We were used as a terrorist base for Confederate forces once before. Some of them moved to Canada permanently afterwards. And yes, that does explain some things about the Alberta demographic makeup.

Romantic Heretic said...

I'm expecting another U.S. Civil War. I expect the same people to win that one that won the recent Yugoslavian civil war.

Sad to see a great nation commit suicide.

Ti-Guy said...

They'd better have a civil war soon, because the rest of the World won't tolerate the proxy wars they've been having at our expense for much longer.

Torture memos released today, by the way. Go USA.

Cameron Campbell said...

Beyond the obvious "I'm not at all a fan of people getting dead" thing and the whole "some of my favorite people are Americans" thing, I'm also against a civil war because we'd have to deal with refugees... too many of them and then baseball would get more popular... shudder

KEvron said...

go galt, red states. *snort!*