Thursday, April 09, 2009

Did you know the word "gullible" isn't in the dictionary?

Over at The Politic, Matthew can barely keep his throbbing woody in his Spider-Man Underoos over a defense of heterosexual marriage:

The Faces Of The Homosexual Agenda Enemy
April 8, 2009 · By Matthew Campbell

The National Organization For Marriage, a US-based group, has an amazing new advertisement showing the real agenda and real effects behind the push for recrafting homosexual unions as marriages. All that I can add here is a plea to my fellow Canadian socons to wake up and see what a bit of polish, and less self-pity can do for a movement’s image!

And then there's reality.

The Politic: Because even "Hunter" needs someone to look down on, intellectually speaking.

BONUS BEATDOWN AT NO EXTRA CHARGE: If the name "Matthew Campbell" sounds familiar, well, it should.

JUST FYI, it seems that no one at The Politic is a big fan of Teh Faggots. Long-time CC readers might remember this monstrously retarded gem from Matthew's sandbox buddy Aaron "Spanky" Unruh.

Apparently, being afraid of Teh Homoz is kind of a theme over at The Politic, where the boys get together late at night to cower in fear and console one another and stroke each others' brow to calm themselves down, and maybe give each other massages to relieve the stress generated by that pernicious homosexual agenda and ...

Man, that sounds so gay, doesn't it?


LuLu said...

The Faces of the Homosexual Agenda Enemy

Now is this the enemy of the homosexual agenda which would make it an actual supporter of the homosexual agenda? Or is the homosexual agenda the enemy?

I know ... I'm totally shocked by the fact that Matthew is too catastrophically stupid to express himself clearly.

Anonymous said...

Still, after all this time, not one single valid argument against marriage equality. Those scumbags even have to hire actors to peddle their bullshit. That ad hopefully will wither away as fast as an RRSP account.

toujoursdan said...

As Michael Gronstal, D-Council Bluffs daughter said: They have already lost this fight. Young people just don't care.