Friday, January 09, 2009

Yesterday's statements are inoperative. And really, really retarded, too.


The Prime Minister looked suitably embarrassed when he rose to answer the Liberal charges during Question Period, and not just because he dismissed the need to go into deficit as “stupid and dangerous” little more than a month ago.


Flaherty sees "substantial" deficit

WHITBY, Ontario (Reuters) - Canada will run a "substantial" budget deficit in the next fiscal year as it enacts stimulus measures to help shelter the economy from the effects of the global economic downturn, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty said on Thursday.

Ladies and gentlemen, your creme de la creme of conservative intellect. Let's give them a big hand.


Mike said...

Oh come on CC, they've been running a deficit since the summer and they knew it. Its why we had the election. They are embarrassed that they got caught lying about it.

But never fear, the cognitive dissonance of the BT and their average CPC supporter will let them spin this - as Deficit Jim's quote shows.

Paladiea said...

Let's give them a big hand.

How bout a finger?

Luna said...

I support deficit spending in a recession. This is the first smart thing I've seen them do.

Now, lying their asses off about it, that just makes them a bunch of fuckwits.