Sunday, January 04, 2009

Sunday Twatsy coming down.

For those of you lucky enough to have never encountered one Patrick "Twatsy" Ross and his hysterically infantile attempts at political punditry and rhetoric, let me take 2:36 and give you a hint as to what you're missing:

We're not cringing with you, Twatsy; we're cringing at you.

BONUS TRACK: Blah blah blah blah fucking blah. Whoops.

Don't quit your day job, Twats. Oh, wait, I forgot ... you don't have a day job.

Yes, I know I should just throw a few more shovelfuls of dirt on Twatsy and move on, but Twats is such an absolutely perfect example of the unceasing, relentless dishonesty of the right-wing Canadian Dumbshit-o-sphere (*cough* Stephen Taylor *cough*) that it's only fair to give him one more boot to the nads.

Here's Twatsy, making a curious claim:

Amy Klobuchar, Minnesota's other Senator -- and, naturally, a Democrat -- seems to think that whomever is ahead in the recount when Coleman's term expires should be seated in the Senate on a probationary basis while the recount is completed and while any further litigation works its way through the courts.

Really? Klobuchar suggested that? That Franken be seated "while the recount is completed?" That would be weird, and more than a little improper. Hey, I know ... let's go to the very article to which Twatrick links and see what it says. Oh, look (emphasis nad-hoofingly added):

Minnesota's other senator, Democrat Amy Klobuchar, has said the man with the most votes after the recount concludes should be seated while legal matters play out.

Wow. Klobuchar is actually suggesting something totally different. Which means that Twatsy is either breathtakingly stupid, or a worthless, lying cocksucker of a dishonest douchebag. Frankly, I'm good with either one of those.

Oh, and he condones the murder of abortion providers. I just thought you needed to know that. Again.

. Back in November, on election night itself and with a ridiculously slim lead, Norm Coleman was all about the "healing" and "gracious concession" ... as long as it involved Al Franken doing all the conceding. Now, of course, with Franken hanging onto what looks like a razor-thin but final lead, Coleman and the GOP have gone batshit fucking insane and vindictive, threatening to bring the wrath of the heavens down on, well, pretty much everyone if they don't get their way.

I'd ask Twatsy what he thinks about that minor inconsistency, but he's probably out murdering abortion providers. Or something.

IT'S OVER and Franken won the recount, which means we can now look forward to the Minnesota GOP pissing and moaning and threatening and whining and suing. You know -- pretty much acting like Twatsy. It's what they do.

Well, that and murder abortion providers.

IT'S REALLY KINDA OVER, as Eric Kleefeld at TPM points out Franken's now "substantial" lead would withstand at least some of Coleman's pissy whining and infantile complaining. That's not to say that Coleman can't drag things out and waste everyone's time and money, only that there don't seem to be a lot of ways for him to reverse his fortunes at this point.


That guy said...

Also, it's "whoever is ahead," not "whomever." FWIW.

Frank Frink said...

Not to mention that Coleman is also mired in an ethics scandal that could threaten his Senate seat should he happen to win reelection.