Saturday, January 24, 2009

The party of the troops?

Shorter Papa Junker: Pardon me while I imply that Canadian soldiers are arbitrarily "gunning people down" because the Taliban totally did it first.

Maybe it’s just me, but none of the Armed Forces personnel I know has ever "gunned" anyone down -- they fired when threatened or were fired upon.

This is what is commonly known as the "Rules of Engagement", you mouthbreathing, war-porn-humping, chairborne fuckwit.

And furthermore ... I'm not saying that there have never been incidents where civilians and/or innocent bystanders were fired upon for no good reason. There have, in fact, been far too many in recent years.

What I am saying is that it's pretty fucking precious for Papa Junk to put forward the suggestion that it occurs on a regular basis and, more importantly, that the title and substance of his post appears to encourage it.

That kind of claim is a complete fucking insult to any respectable soldier.


Boris said...


Feverishly Paul
Imagines word-pictures of war
Tissue box empties

KEvron said...

"culture of life"....


Paul said...

Canadian soldiers, whenever they come across Taliban, gun them down, call in air support, call in artillery, ambush them, bring tank and LAV fire to bear, and even hit them with UAVs in the dead of night. They vaporize them using massive air ordinance or shred them using aerial burst artilery. Unless the enemy surrenders immediately and clearly ... they are, gunned down. They are given no chance before the shooting starts ... they are only given a chance "after" the shooting starts ... and in that case usually only the wounded can surrender.

Get used to it ... it's war.

Boris said...

Yes, Paul, soldiers in war do all that. But the difference between you and them, is that the overwhelmingly vast majority of them don't talk about slaughtering people so fucking gleefully.

Indeed, I have not once heard anyone, and believe you me I know some hard men, talk about such things as do you. Instead, they are either very quiet about what they've seen or done, or sometimes talk about how they sobbed as they picked up the bits and pieces of burnt bone and flesh that used to be the enemy/civilians/anyone who happened to be on the receiving end of all that ordnance.

Get used to war you say? What the fuck sort of warped John Wayne Walter Mitty type sick fucko are you? Wars don't end when you get used to them, but lots of that glorious living body shredding and vapourising ordnance gets tossed around, and bits and pieces of bone and flesh that used to be people and their loved ones end being tossed around with it. Whole societies undergo traumas that you cannot imagine and that take generations to exorcise. Why don't you go talk to the veterans and tell them they're all the wimps you seem to imply they are for being somber and wishing for war to stop. How about you visit you local counselling support group for war affected children and families and tell them they should just get used to war.

You're pathetic.

Paul said...

The difference between me and cynic, is that I don't direct profanity at a mother who has just recently lost her son in Afghanistan, simply because she said something I didn't like.

... I'm sure you all remember the "Fuck You Wanda" remarks that graces these pages of his.

Cynic is a far left profain poser who hates soldiers and especially the loved ones of those who have been killed or serve.

I don't take glee in what our guys do, but I know it takes incredibly hard men to do a job, and they do it because the enemy kills teachers for wearing the wrong length of pants, tosses acid into the faces of little girls, and flies airplanes into skyscrapers. I've been among those men; and I honour them, value them, and I understand fully what it's about.

Cynic, on the other hand hates soldiers, hates their families, mocks them out whenever they dare express an opinion he doesn't like.

Cynic is the last person on this planet to lecture anyone on showing lack of respect to soldiers.

Frank Frink said...

How predictable was that last response?

Paul had nothing else I take it?

Also predictable.

Mike said...

"I don't take glee in what our guys do"

Actually yes, that is exactly what you are doing. Stop being a pussy and lying about it.

"Cynic is a far left profain poser who hates soldiers and especially the loved ones of those who have been killed or serve."

You don't know anything about CC. I know soldiers who were mighty pissed at the idea that their lives should continue to be needlessly sacrificed so people at home can feel better about the deaths of others. Many of them will be mighty pissed to find out a pissant like you is implying they are war criminals and ruthless thugs just so you can maintain your war porn erection.

Cynic, on the other hand hates soldiers, hates their families, mocks them out whenever they dare express an opinion he doesn't like.

No Pauly, he only hates lying sacks of shit like you. And so do I. You can masturbate all you want to the idea of members of the CF killing civilians, don't expect anybody else to thinks if right.

Fuck you. Fuck you in the neck Paul, you war glorifying fascist pig.

KEvron said...

"I'm sure you all remember the 'Fuck You Wanda' remarks"

good times! but completely irrelevant ot the discussion.


KEvron said...

"Stop being a pussy and lying about it."

actually, he's being passive aggressive about it.


Paul said...

Ok Mike, I'll take your word for it: I know nothing about Cynic, but you know everything about me.

Thanks for sorting that out. And I never read "Fuck You Wanda" on this blob either, it must have been my imagination.

I only have one question.

Ann Coulter claims that when commies can't win the debate, they launch into profanity. Is that true?

sooey said...

Yes. Communists. Always with the fuck offs, asshole.

KEvron said...

"when commies can't win the debate, they launch into profanity."

oh! the irony!


wv = "reighti"!

KEvron said...

"the fucking moon is round." beat me in that debate, paul.


LuLu said...

How painfully predictable of you, "Paul" -- if that's really your name.

To paraphrase Samuel Johnson, "Wanda Watkins, the last refuge of a clueless, mouthbreathing, moronic Blogging Tory".

thwap said...


I disagreed with CC's outburst that day.

But you're wrong to believe that because he disagreed with her belief (that Canada must continue to send soldiers to fight and die so that her son didn't die in vain)it means he hates Canadian soldiers.

Furthermore, yes, their side murders teachers and throws acid in the face of schoolgirls. Our allies rape children, and our governments do nothing about it, even though they're paying the bills. We torture, we destroy villages with airstrikes. We start wars based on lies. We impose sanctions that kill 1/2 million children and then say that it's "worth it."

There are no good guys. At least no good guys in power.

LuLu said...

P.S. You're quoting Ann Coulter? The forever-wrong hag that walks like a woman?

I may never stop laughing. No, really.

Ti-Guy said...

Don't indulge Paul. He's wanking it two-fisted right now (as we all can tell from his writing, he can type with his nose) and it's creeping me out.

Mike said...

Gee thanks for addressing my points Pauly. Oh noes! I've been called a Communist!!!!111!! what will I do?


Ann Coulter? The Shemale? You have noticed the adam's apple, right Paul? Look closer next time you are whacking off.

KEvron said...

"You're quoting Ann Coulter?"

paul's mountain of books is sounding more like a dung heap by the minute.


Cameron Campbell said...

Wither Mark?

Oh, right, he's off lecturing Dawg.

Scotian said...

Between this offering and the one where he smears the entire Dutch culture/citizenry which Red Tory took apart the other day this person is really showing just how sick a person he truly is. I grew up around those that served in combat, and the way this person makes it sounds (not to mention the sense of getting off on it that comes through) would have infuriated those people. Truly a disturbed mind.

OT: For those interested Saundrie is active again.

The Seer said...

I once got in trouble with a retired, and, unfortunately,dying,professional football player by remarking that, actually, hockey is more brutal than football.

With that as an introduction,I think you're mssing the point Papa Junker tried to make in his piece.

What Papa Junker is trying to say is that Canadians are the hemanist of all hemans -- I actually don't know whether it's aspelled "heman" or "heeman," but I hope you'll get my point -- and the John Wayne types have nothing on Canadians. He also means that Canadian hemans are righteous hemans, uniformed in the mantle of God, bringing God's holy wrath on the infidel who foolishly offends against Christ, King and Country.

Reading Papa Junker as I do, I shall write next to our new Commander in Chief, asking him to post and extra division or two at the Detroit/Windsor Bridge and Tunnel. Cuz I wouldn't want those Crazy Canadians shooting up my neighborheed.

And as far as the NHL goes, the Red Wings have nothing to fear from no Canadian team.

Red Tory said...

I don't take glee in what our guys do...


Romantic Heretic said...

The surest way to become a pacifist is to join the infantry. - Bill Mauldin.