Friday, January 09, 2009


Dear Big Daddy:

In your quest to stack the Senate with 18 oh-so sympathetic water-carriers, one would think you could’ve taken 5 minutes out of your busy schedule of not doing the people's work to perform just the tiniest bit of vetting first.

I’m just sayin’.

Gigglingly yours,


Frank Frink said...

And Right Girl should be along any moment now with a screed about 'drunk injuns' and... hold on, you mean she isn't?

Beijing York said...

Patrick Brazeau's appointment was a joke from the get go. I'm glad all this is coming to light given that the media never questioned this guy's legitimacy as a leader of an organization whose legitimacy was always in question.

I mentioned his Senate appointment to an ex-FN Chief and friend of mine. He laughed bitterly. As far as most Metis and FN people that I know are concerned, the guy is an embarrassment in terms of being described as an Aboriginal Senator.