Saturday, January 31, 2009

The lack of self-awareness is amusing.

Shorter Blogging Tory "Raging Tory": "It's a fact that only conservatives actually produce anything, while liberals just sponge off of everyone else. Which is why I'm reproducing this blog post verbatim, word for word, from something someone sent to me."

P.S. Um ... Justin? Just so you know, "B-B-Q" is not a verb.

BUT SERIOUSLY, FOLKS, it's amusing to see frothing, panty-yanking wanks like Justin complain about liberal freeloaders and parasites when you have shit like this going down:

Getting between a broker and his bonus is like getting between a schnauzer and his lunch bowl. He may not bite you, but you are going to smell his breath...

That certainly was the case this week when Main Street learned that, despite the craters of a down economy, Wall Street bonuses were more than $18 billion last year — roughly what they were in the fatty, solvent days of 2004.

Yo, Justin ... let me summarize that for you: Conservatives whose primary contribution to the economy was to fuck it up beyond belief due to mind-melting incompetence, stupidity and greed still want their billions of dollars of bonuses and massive taxpayer-funded bailouts.

I'm guessing Justin can't think of a way to make that sound funny.

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sooey said...

Conservatives and government do not go together. That's the problem.