Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Blogging Tories Short Takes: Jan 28, 2009.

Shorter Premature eJankulator: "Look, you can't just abandon every right-wing principle you've ever espoused at the drop of a hat. These things take time. Possibly years."

Shorter BBS: "Yeah, what Steve Wanke said."

Shorter "At Home in Hespeler": "God. God, God, God. Did I mention God? Because God is light, and life, and love, and compassion. Stupid, fucking, cocksucking atheists."

Shorter Mark C.: "Yo, me be dissin' the Lib leader by 411-ing him as "Mickey I.". That makes me sound hip, right? Right? Hello?"


Ti-Guy said...

Prime wank: Maybe it's because I'm an engineer, and not an ideologue...

Sorry if it offends anyone, but most engineers I've ever met are fundamentally ideological.

Scotian said...

Not all are Ti-Guy, my father is a retired engineer and a less partisan, less ideological person than him would be hard to find.

Dee said...

Most engineers are too busy Working to be licking blog jizz.