Thursday, December 03, 2009


This has endless potential for amusement: an incredibly ignorant twit telling scholars how to do their jobs.

Let the unintentional hilarity begin.


Kelseigh said...

Your first sentence basically sums up Schlafly's actions on CP since the beginning. But then, you're suffering from Liberal Logic, so you can't be expected to think clearly.

Romantic Heretic said...

Hell is pleased.

The Seer said...

Dear CC:

This is not hilarious; it is serious. We all agree that if Jesus had been a Real All American kick-ass Jesus the first time, or, following up on Stephen's 1977 speech, an English-speaking RealCanadian, he wouldn't need to redeem himself by coming back to start World War III in the middle east.

But these guys are sayin' — Jesus never was no peace-loving, socialist hippie! He was All-American from the start!

How can you believe in the literal truth of the Bible if all these liberal professor types snuck all this anti-American stuff in it?

I think you should send your loonies to these guys.

liberal supporter said...

I'd love to see the emails hacked between these people who are colluding to fake the Biblical evidence and suppress all evidence to the contrary, to fit their fascist rule-the-world agenda.

Ti-Guy said...

I think you should send your loonies to these guys.

I'd rather send them to PBS, like I did in the past.

Cameron Campbell said...

A few months ago I read "Gods Secretaries"... about the King James bible. None of them seemed especially liberal to me.

Metro said...

Coming soon: The Schlafly translation of The Communist Manifesto.

It will be subtitled or Every Man for Himself!