Saturday, December 12, 2009

Incivility! Oh, noez!!1!11!1!

Norman Spector is an asshole. Dave points this out in no uncertain terms. Someone should beat Norman Spector with a shoe. I hear that's no big deal.

BY THE WAY, yes, I am an absolute genius. Remember back here, when I asked if any of Canada's dumbshits would be capable of discussing this from a purely legalistic perspective, without getting all whiny and tugging at the heartstrings?

And right on cue, here's hack, douchebag and useful idiot Spector:

"In the meantime, having been burned badly about a year ago and with Canadian soldiers in harm’s way, ..."

With all due respect to the troops, it simply doesn't matter if turning over those documents puts them "in harm's way." Parliament has spoken. Parliament should be obeyed. It's a legal thing, not an emotional thing.

I'm just feeling smug that I can predict all of this with such stunning ease.


Ti-Guy said...

WTF is wrong with these people?

ForestP said...

Legal minutiae is being exploited to the fullest here.

I'm still ignorant as to why the privy council members were denied access to the documents. I mean if national security were really such an issue then people vetted for access to secret documents, and who have shown through years upon years of being trustworthy to having access to national security documents (BQ'S Bachand's trip to Afghanistan featured being handed information about the deployment of Canadian and American special forces there)

I suspect this entire spectacle hinges upon the notion that the government can exclude documents that lead to *embarassing* situations for its political establishment along with its allies abroad.

Shaping up to be too much like tyranny by the minority to me. The media influence that they're using(that we're being billed for) ain't helping this issue obviously