Wednesday, December 02, 2009

The end of the innocence.

While lots of folks are giving all sorts of linky love to Charles Johnson's desperate lunge for sanity, there's nothing that's going to compare with John Cole's sad realization that he'd been a sucker all his life.

Let the savage smearing begin.

: Right on schedule.


Ti-Guy said...

Let the savage smearing begin.

Ok, I'll start...

Charles Johnson is a lunatic. Just because he decided to be mildly less stupid isn't Earth-shattering.

Just kidding. I don't care in the least. But the gush and lavish receptions that have greeted this news have been amusing.

I wonder how one atones for running a hate-site for so many years?

Balbulican said...

It may just be an age thing. He may suddenly have realized, maybe even with a bit of horror, how much damage he's been doing with simple minded, vicious dogmatism and dishonesty.

CC said...

I agree, Ti-Guy. I don't see the value in any human being who looks at the vile depravity into which the GOP have sunk over the last many years, and only now decides that, maybe, he'd rather hang out with people less lunatically homicidal.

Sane people figured that out long ago. One is sorely tempted to tell Charles that those are his friends and, thanks, but he can just stay over there. We don't need him.

erinbow said...

Everybody deserves a chance of redemption.

Balbulican said...

The options are simple.

a) You realize you've been/you're being an asshole, and you change: or

b) You realize you've been/you're being an asshole, and you don't change: or

c) You never realize you've been/you're being an asshole.

(A) is preferable.

deBeauxOs said...

Thank dog nobody on the left is running around claiming Johnson is a "convert" and has spilled all the illuminati secrets, as certain socon lame birds tend to do.

CC said...

Quite so, Balby, except nothing requires you to go full-metal Oprah Winfrey/Andrew Sullivan hairshirt-rending weepy about it.

Better to just have one final post, "Upon reflection, I realize that all of you people are total assholes, and I've been just as bad for agreeing with you all these years."

Followed immediately by a bringing down of the blog and hieing thee hence to a monastery for the rest of one's life to contemplate and regret one's assholery.

It's good that Charles wised up. It's annoying that he thinks everyone needs to listen to his personal anguish about it.

Dr.Dawg said...

Matthew 18:12-13. :)

wv="curads" (Maybe Tiggy can place one over his yap.)

James Bow said...

Hey, CC, it's _his_ blog. You didn't have to read it.

Mind you, it's _your_ blog, so you're perfectly free to bitch about it.

CC said...

Yeah, James, and it's my blog and you didn't have to read my bitching about Charles' blog and ...

Wait, where was I going with this?

Balbulican said...

Well, this is MY comment, and I...err...never mind. Carry on.

Ti-Guy said...

One is sorely tempted to tell Charles that those are his friends and, thanks, but he can just stay over there. We don't need him.

Well, I'm a Canadian. I don't identify with any politically-engaged Americans. Their issues are completely different.

Redemption requires acts of contrition and I'll accept that when I see it. And it's not because he personally was a supporter of the GOP for those many years, but because he ran a censorious hate site. If he deleted LGF (the name alone is beyond redemption), that'd be a good start.

Maybe Tiggy can place one over his yap.

You've got white supremacists raking you over the coals every day on your own blog, for God's sakes. I'm surprised your skin is so thin.

If you want to tell someone to "shut up," you could start with the repulsive Jay Currie.

Stimpson said...

The strongest point in Dennis the Peasant's post is that if Pajamas Media had succeeded, Chuck would almost certainly still be the same asshole.

Well, actually, I guess he still is the same asshole anyway.

Never mind.

Backseat Blogger said...

I think John Cole is spot on with his post as is Charles Johnson is his.

Over and above the sheer loony tuneness of the American Republican party on just about any issue that you can think of(evolution and same sex marriage come immediately to mind for me) is the single bloodymindednes of pursuit of ideological purity within that party. aka RINOs are evil incarnate and must be purged.

Somehow the crazy radicals that have the Republicans in a death grip think that only if they "purify" their party that the Americans will return the Republicans to power. It is really, really creepy to watch.

and I, for one, am quite comfortable with what because they're driving their party to margins and to perpetual opposition. and that's a good thing!

sooey said...

THE Charles Johsnon?!