Saturday, July 04, 2009

Sawah-gate: Dead to rights.

Max Blumenthal calls bullshit:

Prior to her sudden announcement, Palin gave every indication that she intended to complete her tenure as governor.

On July 1, Palin met with Alaska Senator Mark Begich to discuss funding for the missile-defense systems that would be stationed in Alaska. In May, Palin initiated a plan to circumvent the state legislature by introducing a ballot measure that would ban minors from receiving abortions without parental consent. She vowed to be the first to sign the measure event though it would not be certified until August 2010.

In short, all this "I've thought about this long and hard" nonsense is exactly that -- nonsense. Palin is so fucking screwed on this.

... it's all coming together.


Marky Mark said...

Andrew Sullivan has a good collection of links:

CC said...

Links, folks ... leave your URLs as hyperlinks, please.

Marky Mark said...

Here you go.

mikmik said...

Haha, I thuoght you were talking to the tories and said, "Leave your thinks as hyperstinks"m but that wouldn't be necessary.

Was there a microsecond of doubt in any sane/liberal biased mind that she was , A-FUCKING-HEM, just resigning?

She better hurrym up and win them2012 presidential elections before she gets busted so deep she is discovered that she is parody, ha ha fucking hah, I mean representation of reality.

Too fucking late (and now I just looked at the captcha, later). They are the same thing. Depends on repug/tory or human perspsective.

She is an Elizabeth Shue in

disame = Palin - duh same old dame

She can run in 2021 she be disame

jj said...

"I've thought about this long and hard" -- for the last 10 minutes.

She didn't jump, she was pushed. The only variable in the equation is who or what did the pushing.

Interesting: other than the Corner and a few assorted wingnuts, the silence from the SaWah Fan club has been deafening. It's a little odd considering they couldn't shut up about her last fall. They must be traumatized.