Wednesday, July 08, 2009

OK, that's just weird.

Over at Blogging Tory blog "Celestial Junk," one Paul E. Marek of Saskatoon blogs, well, I can't figure this one out. As I read it, Mr. Marek blatantly steals someone else's work to demonstrate ... what? That Hillary Clinton was attacked ruthlessly and misogynistically while on the campaign trail. Over and over again. Repeatedly.

Marek's point is not at all clear, since it seems to undercut all those whiners who are bitching about the "misogynistic" attacks on Sarah Palin, despite the fact that Sarah Palin really is a duplicitious, unethical, cowardly cretin and misogyny has nothing to do with it. So what's Marek's point? Am I missing something here? Or is Marek just so stupid that he has no idea he's made our argument for us?

... in case there was any doubt about Mr. Marek's mental instability, you need to read this. Obama Derangement Syndrome much, Paul?


Ti-Guy said...

Marek's (or possibly Mrs. Marek's) point is that the liberal em-ess-em is horribly misogynistic and destroys women. They destroyed Hillary and they destroyed Sarah.

Peter White said...

Sounds more like Marek can't find any reason to hate Obama. All he can do then is imagine an ugly scenario involving Obama. A scenario that could never take place in a rational mind.

Ti-Guy said...

Their brains, at least the parts that handle common sense, "went Galt" long ago.

jj said...

If he's trying to point out misogyny on the left, then I really don't get it.

If you click on those links, a lot of them are just pointing out what right-wingers have said about Hillary, ie. a Media Matters report about someone on Fox News calling her a devil or something like that. There's one picture that's even labeled "Hillary on Drudge", and you can tell by the type face it's straight off the Drudge Report.

Pumapac was always pretty suspect. IMO, the whole thing is done by guys, probably Freepers.

CC said...

You should read Paul's rationale in the comments section:

"you're looking at the face of misogyny. If they [lefties] eat their own, imagine what they do to those they truly hate."

Yeah, just imagine. No sense coming up with actual data or anything. Just imagine.

What a fucking retard.

jj said...

I'm pretty sure Paul didn't click on any of the links he posted. This one I just selected at random -- click -- that's Paul's idea of a left-wing hater? Well, he's half right LOL.

thwap said...

So stupid he's crazy.