Sunday, July 05, 2009

Dumb enough to admire David Berlinski.

Blogging Tory "JR" cranks up a moist and sticky man-crush for narcissistic dingbat David Berlinski and his latest piece of utter crap, "The Devil's Delusion." Those of us who are familiar with how dreadful Berlinski is have no intention of wasting our time.

P.S. More delightful reviews of Berlinski's previous work here.

: It's amusing that "JR" would presume to blog on the topic of atheism when he doesn't even know what the word means:

[Berlinski] demonstrates that in the end atheists' absolute conviction that there is no god is faith-based, ...

No, JR, that's not what the word "atheist" means. Here, let me help -- a gesture on my part I'm sure will have no productive or educational value whatsoever. After all, this is JR we're talking about here.


dveej said...

Interestingly enough, the link to the reviews takes you to a place where ... the reviews have all been wiped. But on amazon, there are many. Many critical ones.

CC said...

I can still see the reader reviews at that Owlcroft link. You just have to wait a few seconds for them to load.

Alison said...

Pure joy reading "Yes, you are an atheist" again. I seem to remember at some point arguing against the particular way you define belief but it's still a brilliant argument.

David said...


I don't know why I bothered to reply to his nonsense over there, but sometimes I feel compelled to point out how ridiculous it all sounds.

I've been posting at your place off and on for a while, but I missed your talk due to work commitments. Please tell me you'll have another soon.