Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Apparently, forgiveness is context-dependent.

Over at Denyse O'Leary's other House of Screaming Dumbth, someone finally gets a word in edgewise:




1:55 am

O’Leary, what’s your explanation for this?


A bit later, someone else clues in that all is not well in Idiotville:




11:15 am


O’Leary, what’s your explanation for this?


That is pretty disturbing:

As opposed to the other 364 days

When the Natives do absolutely nothing except smoke, drink and **** their daughters. This Friday will mark the Native Day of Action(tm) here in Canada. It’s their chance to whine and complain that us white guys who pay 45% in income tax to support their smoking, drinking and daughter-****ing are ripping them off...

Others start to see the problem:




5:38 pm

And then maybe O’Leary can apologize to us and retract her linking to a racist website. You’d think a group endorsing the Haeckel to Hitler argument would be a safe place.

But Christians are nothing if not forgiving:

The fact that a professed Christian, who calls herself “Girl on the Right,” displays behavior at odds with her faith, in no way lessens the value of her faith. It simply means that this individual should conform her life to her faith.

Damned straight. It's not as if Wendy Sullivan is a horrible, offensive, lying, racist shrew; it's just that she needs to suck it up and read her Bible a bit more and everything's cool, and we can all get back to slagging all the other people who truly deserve it. You know -- the ones who aren't Christians, for which forgiveness will not be so easily dispensed.

P.S. Hilariously, back in comment 106, "herb" wants to shift the blame in a predictable way:

OTOH, I’m starting to wonder if Girlontheright isn’t a cryptoDarwinist herself ... which would explain the racism in that post...

But of course -- Wendy Sullivan is a horrible racist because she's a Darwinist. It all makes perfect sense. Because no true Christian would be that vile a human being. (Insert obligatory reference to Scotsmen here.)

HMMMMMMM ... not sure what this is supposed to mean:

I did a little more checking on the Girl on the Right blog, and I am relieved to find that she is indeed a Christian.

I have no idea what that means, but it sounds creepy.


Mike said...

If Wendy is a Christian then I have another reason to be happy I am not a member of that club.

Pity, cuz I know a lot of nice Christians...

Somena Woman said...

Its always ironic to read Wendy Sullivan's posts about lazy welfare bum Indians when she regularly blegs and whines about how tough life is - months after she has spent a tonne of dough on trips to Hawaii, and getting $150 Spa Treatments...

Somena Woman said...

Oh yeah-- I'm one of those Indians who is supposed to be grateful for having been rescued from the rez -- because ya know -- all of that drinking, smoking and daughter fucking...

Except - for a five years, between the ages of 5 and 10 - I was sexually molested by my adopted white older brother (of 6 years and the natural born son of my adopted parents) and this happened while my adopted white grandfather who was left in charge to supvervise us kids - was getting so drunk that he would regularly wander off and get lost -and occasionally got so drunk that he fell out of his chair in the living room and promptly shit his pants -- and we couldn't get him up...Oh yeah - and my adopted mother was busy all the time getting drunk and screwing the next door neighbor.

And it all happened in the ultra-rich suburb of West Vancouver...

But hey -- I sure was lucky I got rescued from the REZ - because we all know that kids being molested and being left with sleazy irresponsible alcoholic douchebags and having slutty parents only happens on Indian Reserves....