Sunday, July 12, 2009

All Conservatives are rapists. Who knew?

Hmmmm ... what an interesting development. And using standard Blogging Tory logic, we can now conclude that a) because they've been charged, we can assume they're guilty, and b) if one is guilty, then we can obviously generalize that they're all guilty, therefore c) all Conservatives are horrible rapists who should be thrown into prison. Q.E.D.

That's the way it works, right?


Ti-Guy said...

She thinks Conservative Riding Associations are part of the government.

There is no hope for these people. Time to start engaging in elminationist rhetoric...just to put the fear of God in them so they'll learn to focus. Which is really their worst problem. They don't ever pause to wonder whether what they're saying accurate or not. And then the inaccuracies spread like a viruses.

Let's not call it "evil." Let's call it "inoculation" or "prophylaxis." The rest of us know our lack of accuracy has consequences. So should they.

that_chris_guy said...

As a gay guy who's constantly pissed off by generalizations attributed to the entire LGBT community when a lone gay person does something wrong, this post makes me smile. :)