Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Same stupid shit, different fucking day.

So, to go along with a Foreign Minister who doesn't care about Canadians in foreign countries, we have an Indian Affairs Minister who doesn't give a shit about Indians. And let's not forget the Science Minister who doesn't believe in evolution.

Welcome to Canada, the new laughingstock of educated people everywhere.

AFTERSNARK: A Defense Minister who is, defense-wise, a total idiot. I could do this all day. Feel free to play along.


Pamela said...

Hubby says not to worry, we in the US still have Texas. ;)

Thanks for the great blog!

the rev. paperboy said...

As a longtime expat, I'm starting to be tempted to claim I'm a Kiwi or even an Australian or American, rather than owning up to being a Canadian these days. I never in my wildest bizzaro nightmares thought that would ever happen, but the current government is really is that embarassing.

Paladiea said...

You want embarrassing? Check out the comments section of the Globe article concerning Mr. "I don't believe in evolution".

mystereeoso said...

Don't forget, we have a bilingual Heritage Minister who can't say Atom Egoyan in either French or English.

Now that's embarrassing.

LuLu said...

Stockwell Day.

That is all.

Audrey II said...

We have a (shameless self-promotion warning) Minister of Finance who tells the increasing number of unemployed to stop their whining because it's not like there's potato famines, claim-jumping, widespread drought, or other conditions that early settlers faced happening right now.