Friday, April 03, 2009

Blogging Tory "Neo Conservative": The hypocrisy of the douchebaggery of the dumbassitude.

Now this is exquisite, as regular CC HQ commenter "liberal supporter" explicitly challenges the howlingly racist "Neo Conservative" (Neo's motto: "The only good nigger is a violently murdered nigger.") to quote him out of context:

Absolutely priceless! I just used the above joke over at neo's, and he put in on his post. His photoshopping skills have improved, you can't see where he cut out the part where I commanded him to put the comment there. The training of neo is going well! What a bonehead! Hahahaha!

This is the original comment:

It was homophobia that caused Harper to miss the photo op in London. Or perhaps his wife did not have permission to leave the hotel to keep him briefed, since she's now trying to act like the Afghan women, you know.

He was in the loo, which over there is called a water closet. He wouldn't leave to go for the photo op.

He didn't want to be photographed coming out of the closet.


Now be a good predictable neotard, and put the above on the main post, and pretend that is the best of my comments here. Then I get to read more comments at my messages blog, from your feed readers who simply cannot stop laughing at your hubris and silliness.

The result is hilariously predictable:

Stephen Taylor's Blogging Tories: Always happy to quote you wildly out of context with dishonestly altered quotes, especially if you ask them to.

IT GETS BETTER, OF COURSE: What's particularly odious about Neo's dishonesty is that he apparently has a policy of deleting LS's comments:

which he did in the above, but not before he screen-capped, then altered, then published LS's comment, without giving anyone a chance to go back and see the original in its unaltered form. How utterly, utterly predictable. And douchebaggy.

I'd ask Blogging Tory co-founder Stephen Taylor what he thinks about this kind of behaviour but that would only be educational if Taylor had any principles whatsoever.

You can see why I'm not going to bother.


Mike said...

Good ole Neo - proving Eric Hoffer right week after week.

Cameron Campbell said...

I go over there and try every once and a while, he discusses with no one. Ever.

Nonny-Mouse said...

Poor Neo Mouse, he is so confused these days, he sees Liberal Supporters everywhere he looks (what exactly is a Liberal Supporter,... some kind of spinal support mechanism?) Neo Mouse even confuses a mouse for Liberal Supporter,... very strange that,... but then again we are talking about Neo Mouse.