Thursday, April 02, 2009

What. A. Dumbass.

And a man who can't even organize his daily schedule is going to lead us out of the economic morass. Just kill me now, Lord.

P.S. You know that if Barack Obama had done that, the hysterical shrieking and braying over at the Blogging Tories would have been gruesome enough to sterilize frogs at 500 yards. As it is, if you pop over there, you'd never even know it happened.

Go figure.


Balbulican said...

You don't have to go as far afield as Obama. Remember the BT reaction when a videotape from Dion on the coalition was late?

liberal supporter said...

Well it's all the Liberals' fault, dontcha know.

Obviously, the whole meeting has to be controlled by the US Secret Service, because Obama is there. His safety is important, since he is more popular in many of the leaders' countries than the leaders themselves are.

So the Secret Service staffer organizing this was looking for the Canadian Prime Minister. You know, the one that was in that picture with Obama seen in Times Square? The staffer wanted the actual leader who was presumed to be Ignatieff based on that picture, and not the stand-in buffoon Harper. Even though Canadian news does not get a lot of play in the States, surely the staffer would have heard about any coups or other regime changes.

In conclusion, it's all the Liberals' fault. In future, it is hoped they will be more aware of the unintended consequences of their actions. It is indeed a sad day for Canada when an impersonation goes this far. But of course it is still April Fools' day in the Europe time zone.

LuLu said...

And the best part of all?

The BBC's reports of offical denials that Big Daddy missed the photo op because he was in the loo.

Kusotarre said...


Also, I like the comments at the Globe and Mail. Nutters are going all "ADSCAM!!!" in there to deflect.

Mike said...

Yeah the CBC is full of "aren't you glad Dion wasn't there" comments too.

Well, Harper wasn't there either. He was in a stall trying to remember how many knocks for which service...

Chimera said...

"Well, Harper wasn't there either. He was in a stall trying to remember how many knocks for which service..."

*sputter* Dammit, Mike! Give us a warning next time, wouldja? Now I gotta send my screen and keyboard out to be cleaned, and coffee stains are a bitch to deal with. :lol:

Ti-Guy said...

He was in a stall trying to remember how many knocks for which service...

Now, now. I think maybe it was a wardrobe malfunction...something to do with his kevlar girdle.

liberal supporter said...

He didn't want to be seen coming out of a water closet.

MgS said...

I'm not sure at all what it would take to sterilize frogs at 500 yards ... that's an image I don't want to think about.

liberal supporter said...

Absolutely priceless! I just used the above joke over at neo's, and he put in on his post. His photoshopping skills have improved, you can't see where he cut out the part where I commanded him to put the comment there. The training of neo is going well! What a bonehead! Hahahaha!

This is the original comment:

It was homophobia that caused Harper to miss the photo op in London. Or perhaps his wife did not have permission to leave the hotel to keep him briefed, since she's now trying to act like the Afghan women, you know.

He was in the loo, which over there is called a water closet. He wouldn't leave to go for the photo op.

He didn't want to be photographed coming out of the closet.


Now be a good predictable neotard, and put the above on the main post, and pretend that is the best of my comments here. Then I get to read more comments at my messages blog, from your feed readers who simply cannot stop laughing at your hubris and silliness.