Wednesday, January 07, 2009

If the irony were any thicker ...

... I could slice off a piece and whack you unconscious with it:

A couple of years ago, after I had been following the controversy for several years, I found myself listening to a long lecture by a Darwinist, replete with bafflegab and pretty lame examples. Finally, sensing (correctly) that I was unconvinced, he proclaimed to me, "You just don't understand how natural selection works, do you?"

And suddenly, the penny dropped. What he meant was that I just don't believe in magic. I can't make myself believe in magic; I haven't been able to since I was a child.

That would be Canadian Intelligent Design wingnut and gibbering loon Denyse O'Leary -- devout God worshipper, self-proclaimed "Roman Catholic Christian" and believer in invisible sky monsters -- making it clear that she has no patience for "magic."

I think I just wet myself. Seriously. I just wet myself.

I JUST CAN'T RESIST: I know I shouldn't but I can't help pointing out Denyse's mind-numbing approach as to what magic she's prepared to swallow whole:

... consider the difference between being a Darwin popularizer and being a traditional Catholic. As a traditional Catholic, I am asked to believe in the Virgin Birth of Jesus Christ. But I am not asked to believe in virgin birth as a general proposition, and especially not for human males whose mothers' pregnancies could be readily - though not respectably - accounted for otherwise. In that one instance, I am told, I cannot argue that "God wouldn't have done it that way," as I have no basis for arguing with God about what he would or wouldn't have done as an intentionally unique, divinely ordained event.

In short, Denyse has no patience with this whole "born of a virgin" silliness. Well, except for that one time. But that's it.

I have to stop now. I can feel myself getting stupider for just having linked to her.

MY DEAR PHARYNGULOIDS: This might look familiar. Yeah, that Denyse O'Leary.


Renee said...

I like how things that she's too dense to understand become "bafflegab."

She actually proclaims her ignorance, she's so ignorant! I laughed out loud when I read in her own words her stating that she doesn't know the difference between a scientific fact and "magic" (that gravity is MAAAAGIC... I choose not to believe in it. That's why I go flying at night with Arthur and Fenchurch.)

Also, she doesn't think that a virgin birth isn't magic? WHAT THE FUCK.

Brian said...

I'm sure there's a completely unrelated reason she doesn't allow comments on her blog.

Aaron T. said...

So, is she saying Intelligent Design an "intentionally unique, divinely ordained event"? I thought she held it as a general proposition.

nt said...

uhhh I guess nobody bothered to explain to her that the Roman Catholic Church supports Evolution/Natural Selection did they?

what a dolt.

Luna said...

Dear God, please protect me from the idiocy of your followers. Amen.

Renee: Um, for the Arthur and Fenchurch reference, you win the internets. :)

Fran B said...

The other thing that gets me about this silly person is her constant harping that evolution is a bunch of "just so" stories. But let's look at ID shall we?

ID says that an intelligent designer, "fiddled" with the evolutionary process....except of course we have no idea HOW, no idea WHY, no idea WHAT, no idea WHEN and most certainly no idea WHO (and apparently it is strictly verboten to even ask). If that isn't the hallmark of a "just so" story I don't know what is...

MgS said...

No no no ! You've got it all wrong. Denyse doesn't believe at all in magic. Miracles on the other hand are a different word altogether!

Noni Mausa said...

And how does the lady feel about the good ol' "invisible hand", which bears a superficial resemblance to natural selection?

Chimera said...

Doesn't believe in magic, eh? Just what the hell does she think her own religion (whatever it is) is all about, if not "magic?"

Silly bitzess.