Sunday, January 04, 2009


Oh, this is just freakin' precious. After our very own Twatrick the Wonder Mullet got caught with his nads hanging out lying about, well, just about everything, KEvron popped by Twatsy's and left a perfectly civil comment, pointing out how I had spanked Twats good and proper a while back about it.

Twatsy deleted the comment.

I swear, just when you think that mullet-headed pea brain couldn't get any whinier or pants-pissier, well, go figure.

WHY, YES, I think Twatsy needs to know what you think:

Sic 'im.


Ti-Guy said...

Well, to be fair, Twatsy's comment policy is clear:

"Also, all comments made by Kevron are deleted without being read."

I bet he did read it though.

liberal supporter said...

Leave Patrick alone!

Southern Quebec said...

Twatsy has a poll on his blog. It would be very bad (very bad) if it were freeped.

Just sayin'

sooey said...

Isn't there a chronic abortion debate in Canada?

KEvron said...

"I bet he did read it though."

no way he couldn't; i slagged watkins in it.


Jennifer Smith said...

Over 91% on the 'NO' side now - way to go!!

sooey said...

That won't stop the 9% Yes side from continuing the debate. It's CRAZY for the unborn.

NĂ¡mo Mandos said...

Half the time I think you guys are making this dude up.

wv: folitive

CC said...


We only wish.

KEvron said...

"Half the time I think you guys are making this dude up."

welcome to my world.


Red Tory said...

An irrelevant poll on an irrelevant site. Woo-hoo!

KEvron said...

twats has responded with yet more red herrings and more straw men (apparently, somebody here has been bad-mouthing the practice of freeping). i'm starting to think he's just a classic troll; he's got the mo for it.


CC said...

"twats"? "twats" who?