Monday, December 01, 2008

We have a weiner!

A moment, if you please, of appreciation for our loyal readers:

OK, moment's over. Back to work.


Red Tory said...

How'd you get 1,845 today? I only got 1,947.... Clearly I'm not being insulting enough. LOL

Cameron Campbell said...

First, congrats.

Second, I just went by

Holy fucking shit they are in a lather.

liberal supporter said...

Today's second largest point drop evah on the TSX is obviously due to this uncertainty. It seems even the US is concerned because the Dow plunged as well. There was some minor news, the US is now officially in a recession, but that's small potatoes compared to the formation here of the Coalition of the Adults.

There is a lot of shrieking, I suppose they think they can browbeat the majority of us into submission. It worked before, after all. The fear card is being played so much it's wearing out.

I think they are finally showing their true colours and even Steve cannot stop it. Even the Red scare and the Separatist scare isn't working. They're so enraged they don't see the obvious that everyone else sees.

Harper, after telling us to buy stocks, back when the stock markets were higher is finally trapped in the web of lies and deceit of his own making. Further hampered by the ample evidence he just doesn't care about Canada or Canadians, and only cares about his majority.

Dion is displaying his political skills and will likely set a tone for the PM as being an executive, leading by letting his people do their jobs, a far cry from the current autocracy.

Layton is displaying he can actually work with others, that he is a skilled negotiator and I think he will shine.

Duceppe is the surprise here, and the BTs just don't get it. The leader of the ONLY party with a "Buy Canada" policy, his end goal may be a politically independent Quebec, but he understands said country will still be right beside Canada and will have an extensive relationship with Canada. So the last thing he wants is a weakened Canada, or a bankrupt Canada.

Unlike the CPC who actually hate Canada, Duceppe wants a strong Canada. He doesn't want to destroy Canada. Though I believe a separate Quebec would be bad for Canada, he doesn't seek eventual separation out of hate for Canada, rather he thinks a separate Quebec would be better for both. I strongly disagree, but the BTs just do not get the fact that damaging Canada does not benefit Duceppe or Quebec. It could only benefit the people (still unnamed) who bankrolled Harper's rise to power.

And that's why Harper has to go. Let people who care about Canada's well-being run it for a change.

psa said...

congratulations cc! proof that there are quite a few people that are interested in the ravings of a bunch of profanity spewing reprobates. mind you couldn't have done it without LuLu and the tens of thousands that come looking for her boots.

LuLu said...

It's nice to know that someone appreciates me around here. And I'd like to think they came for the boots but stayed for the snark -- kisses only for you, psa ;-)

Cameron Campbell said...

Well put liberal supporter. An anecdote: a few years ago the lead singer of Les Cowboy Fringants was being interviewed on Musique Plus. He was asked if he and the rest of the band would ever consider singing the national anthem before a Canadians game (he's know as a maniacal fan).

He said no immediately and said "It's a beautiful song for a beautiful country, just not my country".

KEvron said...

canadian who?


KEvron said...

"There was some minor news, the US is now officially in a recession"

yeah, now it's official.... that we've been in recession for a year!


Red Tory said...

Want to bet the TSX will rebound tomorrow?