Tuesday, December 16, 2008

That’s not what I said.

Dear Big Daddy:

Shut the fuck up, you ignorant, double-dealing, clueless hypocrite.

No, really.

Thanks bunches,


CC said...

In related news, Canada's Blogging Tories opined as to how Stephen Harper's massive, flip-floppy turnabout clearly demonstrates his bold, dynamic leadership.

Wait for it -- you know it's coming.

Metro said...

Judas friggin' priest ... is there anything this guy declared as a principle and actually stuck to?

I'll take Chretien back, thanks. Hell, I'd take Mulroney ...

Okay, I'd rather drive them all off a cliff in the same VW, but you get the idea.

Frank Frink said...

But.. but... he's an 'economist' ;-)