Tuesday, December 16, 2008

On the other hand ...

Stephen Harper then. Stephen Harper now.

Don't try this at home, kids -- Stephen's an economist.


philosoraptor said...

We're all fucked.

Mike said...

Yeah, well I'm sure the Cons will find some way of blaming the Liberals or a previous Liberal government that hasn't held power in nearly 3 years.

The Cons will never accept blame for their actions - its a "personal responsibility" thing

Romantic Heretic said...

Apparently Stephen has discovered meanings of the words 'strong' and 'united' that I hadn't considered before.

Sheena said...

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Sheena said...

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crf said...

Show me one recent press article, other than on the subject of Stephen Harper, in which someone who has not worked as an economist professionally, or who doesn't have a phD in economics, is referred to as an economist. Dare you. Find one.

Wingnut welware, as practised by our unbiased press.

Metro said...

Harper has no credibility as an economist, or anything save a right-wing idealogue.

My guess is that he'll use the current recession to cut transfer payments, health care, welfare, and anything else he can excuse as an "austerity measure."

Having, of course, told us that the economy is in great shape and we should all be calling our brokers.

Can't wait for the January election. The CPC loses either way. Either they get a majority and spend five years proving their ideas are mostly bankrupt, or they lose.