Monday, December 01, 2008


Jesus, that's hilarious. Conservative Party of Canada leader Angry McPointy:

We could take bets on how long it was until he challenged someone to a knife fight in the parking lot.


Romantic Heretic said...

I was wondering how long it would be.

My observation is that conservatives often hate one another more than they hate liberals. You can hold them together for a while if you have enough loot but at the first sign of weakness they start to stab one another.

Guess it's just their Darwinian social philosophy in action

the rev. paperboy said...

Yeah, Baird for leader, go for it! Hurrah big John! He will be the on to lead the conservatives back into the light, just like Sarah Palin. I absolutely guaran-freaking-tee you that 100 percent of the Liberal party will back him for leader of the Conservatives. Hell, I might have to send a cheque! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAAA! the blood is in the water now, buh-bye Ol' Dead-Eyes!

deBeauxOs said...

But, but, but, Baird already has a job that he really likes!

Dumoustier said...

From Impolitical's post, this snip from the Draft Baird website, emphasis mine:

In the coming days, the Draft John Baird campaign will be working to ensure the new supporters are members of the Conservative Party of Canada, ensuring their voting eligibility in a leadership race.

I think they're on to you, Rev.

Cliff said...

And just how well do you think the hard core social conservative Alberta base would take to ahem... a 'confirmed bachelor' as leader?

Jennifer Smith said...

Cliff -

Shh!! That's supposed to be a secret!

And speaking personally, I would find that particular scenario just about the second best outcome of this mess that I can possibly imagine :)