Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Apparently, civility is context-dependent.

Shorter Suzie All-Caps: "I will not tolerate name calling or incivility in my comments section, unless it's to refer to women I don't like as 'sows' or 'feminazis.' Then we're good."

BY THE WAY, has anyone else noticed that the very folks who demand the right to interfere in other peoples' lives and control their reproductive choices are the same ones who cannot abide you disrupting their blog comments section in any way whatsoever?

It's just an observation.


TnT said...

oh they're all like that.

I had several go around; with this prize right winger http://flaggman.wordpress.com/ , who, when he got frustrated with me in an abortion debate, asked if it was 'ok if my mommy aborted me'. Then shut the comments down.

Seemingly normal, relatively intelligent people just meltdown into glassy eyed shrieking lunatics when faced with concepts beyond their religion.

Absolute control is their only means of salvation. We cannot have anyone believing something different now can we.

Romantic Heretic said...

It's one of the more amusing dichotomies of the people currently hiding under the mask of 'conservatism'.

They're all in favor of freedom of speech until you disagree with them. And they all claim to be objective until until a change of perspective is required to make their logical end meet.

Rather sad. But treatable.

Metro said...

It fascinates me that Conservatives demand "less government interference in our lives," but then demand the full regulation of a woman's reproductive system, increased surveillance at home, etc. etc.

I sometimes think that hard-core conservatism, particularly neoconservatism, is a pathology.