Wednesday, October 11, 2006

It only hurts when I laugh.

Shorter Strong Conservative: "Well, yes, I just came out of a 6-year coma. Why do you ask?"


thwap said...

Yeah, I just read the title, but all I could think is: If you're a "conservative" then you thought Mike Harris, Stockwell Day, Ronald Reagan, and now, bush II, are fit to rule, so who gives a shit what you think?

The Strong Conservative said...

Just name one solution you have to any major issue and I'll quit my blogs...

Ti-Guy said...

Conservatives need to stop looking for solutions and start dealing with problems. And a good place to start is to understand problems correctly. Conservatives just tend to be unconscious about things until a crisis, and then panic and start screaming for solutions.

Adam said...

Issue: Global Warming.

Solution: Do something - anything - about it.

We'll miss you.

CC said...

The strong conservative writes:

"Just name one solution you have to any major issue and I'll quit my blogs..."

Dear Jonathan:

In light of the last six years of Republican rule down there, how about I give you two simple suggestions as a starting point. Feel free to apply them wherever you see fit.

1) When faced with a problem, avoid doing the stupidest, fucking thing imaginable to try to solve it.

2) When you violate point 1) anyway and it blows up in your face, stop blaming people who haven't even held office for several years.

There. How's that for a start?

The Strong Conservative said...

See, you lefties still can't name one thing.
Thanks for reading my blog though.