Sunday, August 27, 2023

This is what two execrable, ignorant pieces of human shit look like.


In case you were wondering.

P.S. Deluded narcissist Roman Baber writes, "I'll work to right this wrong until the last day of my career." So Baber's campaign promise is to raise Lewis from the dead?

Good luck with that.


Like many other dishonest right-wing trolls, CPC stain on society Roman Baber regurgitates the absolute rubbish that this case represents some sort of medical "discrimination"; this is bullshit, as explained absolutely clearly and unambiguously by the Court of Appeal of Alberta which addressed -- at some length -- this very claim of discrimination, and trashed it completely.

First, what the Canada Health Act might or might not say about discrimination means nothing, as that Act would be subservient to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, so resolving this issue requires seeing what the Charter says, and nothing more. This is not debatable, it's how the Charter works. So let's see what it actually says.

Reading the relevant ruling, the issue of discrimination is addressed in its own section starting on Para 62, and it takes little time for the Court to dismiss it almost immediately:

While I suggest reading the entire section on your own time, we can jump ahead to the conclusion to see that the Court clearly analyzed the claim with respect to the Charter, and rejected it entirely:

Again, read the whole section until you understand it, but the point is that this idiotic claim has been heard by the Court, and it has been rejected for perfectly logical and defensible reasons.

What this means is that when self-serving, bloviating asshats like Poilievre and Baber shriek hysterically about medical discrimination, all this means is that they were either a) too fucking lazy to read the ruling, b) too fucking stupid to understand it, or c) too fucking dishonest to admit they know what it says.

Pick one.


Anonymous said...

Meanwhile out there, some twenty-five year old mom with cystic fibrosis is alive today because this poor, dead fool chose not to get vaccinated. Good.
I hope her family has a great Caribbean vacation in her honour with the money they raised.

Stu said...

PP probably knows, he's just throwing this bullshit out to rile up his dumb-fuck base. So dangerous and cynical, unleashing the stupid, like you control those clowns.