Sunday, August 20, 2023

BREAKING! Notorious grifter upset that grifting is not as lucrative as it used to be.

Ex-Rebeler Laura Loomer (who once faked a slashed tire for the sympathy) is mightily peeved that her gazillions of adoring fans aren't filling her coffers like they used to:

There's always OnlyFans, dear.

I'm just trying to be helpful.


Brian Busby said...

Let's be charitable. Anyone can have a bad day. As Laura writes, she's "tired."

Anonymous said...

The comment is especially funny since Twitter Ex has an incredible conservative bias.

Anonymous said...

There's a distinction to be made between the online persona an activist/provocateur assumes and the person themselves. The late Kathy Shaidle would occasionally remonstrate with her online critics and remind them that "she" was a sensitive human being, and not necessarily the vicious, caustic hater her polemics would suggest.
That may or may not have been true, but the response is simple: if that IS the case, then consider any unkind remarks as directed at the persona they've chosen to assume, not at the delicate blossom that lies beneath.

double nickel said...

@Anonymous....I didn't know that vicious little troll had died. #sad

CC said...

I have no respect for anyone mouthing off with, "Hey, I'm not *really* that much of a rancid, racist asshole, it's just my public persona." Fuck those people.

Anonymous said...

Double nickel: yes, in 2021. I believe it was ovarian cancer. Not a nice way to go.
I despised what she stood for and the fact that she used her talent to make people loathe other people, while claiming to be a Christian. I've never understood how that lot can advocate such hatred while claiming that it's not REALLY them.
Honesty compels me to admit, however, that I always enjoyed her cultural writing, and especially her film reviews, when they weren't poisoned with her polemics. It's like Mark Steyn (speaking of faded, aging right wing stars) - an appalling ideologue, but his writings on popular music were excellent.

Anonymous said...

I believe it was Kurt Vonnegut who said, “We are what we pretend to be.” If they are acting as abhorrent and horrible people online, then we have zero reasons to believe them when they insist they are good and decent people. Because they leave us no evidence to verify whether that is true or not, we have to take their public persona as fact. And realistically, what is the actual difference between someone who “ironically” spreads hate, anger and misery online and someone who does it seriously. The end result is the same.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of grifters and horrible people, Carpay is now barred from practice in Manitoba, but will they ban him in Alberta?: