Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Rebel News and wildfire relief: A trip down memory lane.

Hey, kids ... how many of you remember a time when Ezra Levant and Rebel News announced they were determined to help the victims of a devastating wildfire but, instead of encouraging people to donate directly to the Red Cross, they weirdly registered their own fundraiser which not only lost a portion of each donation to a platform processing fee, but gave Ezra access to all of that valuable donor contact info?


Didn't see that coming, did you?


Anonymous said...

An updated donor list, and, of course, bragging rights for Ezra and the Rebel about their "wildly successful campaign".

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile Kelowna and the rest of Western Canada is on fire and the Rebel News team has yet to touch down there to tell the other side of the story. What could the reason be? 🙈🤔