Saturday, August 12, 2023

Sovereign citizens: Freedom Convoy "Qweenie"-style

Yes, we have deranged lunatics in Canada as well.


Del Esau said...

I have watched enough of these to know that if I was a cop I wouldn't be one for long.

"Licence and registration please."
"I'm not involved in commerce, just traveling, which is my right under the 14th amendment."
"Get out of the car NOW or I'll break the window and drag your moron ass out."
"I'm traveling and..."

"Officer Dino you should have been kinder to that moron. Gun and badge pending investigation."
"I regret nothing."

Anonymous said...

I don't recall Qweenie appearing during the convoy in Ottawa; maybe she did not make it there.

Here is a video posted a month ago that says she is from Sylvan Lake and it has comments by her from 2022. She is talking about guns and civil war and huge unrealistic numbers and seems pretty irrational. Apparently the cops came to see her.
I haven't watched it all but the video looks like it was edited to make her look bad, saying she doesn't lie then at different times talking about lying, etc.

I think sovcit ideas have been spread around the convoyers but am not sure how many have embraced them. The leaders all seem to have lawyers. Pat King might have had some of those ideas early on and took a long time to get steady lawyers; he was later charged for lying at his first bail hearing I believe.


Anonymous said...

Here’s an interesting legal analysis of the Pseudolaw movement and its various iterations.

Anonymous said...

I supported the freedom convoy until seeing how certain actors (Rebel News, Tamra Lich) used it to push their own agendas.

Anonymous said...

"To date, pseudolaw in Canada is affiliated with inept, undisciplined, and generally incompetent anti-authority populations. As this article and its companions illustrate, the typical Canadian pseudolaw adherent is more likely to be a criminal, economically marginal,and oriented to non-functional interests. New Age and alien abduction beliefs are not compatible with effective revolutionary action. That helps explain why pandemic-related dissent from Canadian pseudolaw communities is limited and ineffective."

Pages 1010-1011
Very interesting, thanks for the reference, Anon at 8:28am.

MgS said...

If you haven't read Judge Rooke's ruling in Meads v. Meads, it's positively wonderful reading.

Really worth your time - especially for a clear understanding of how the courts look at this gibberwockey

Stu said...

That Meads v. Meads one is interesting reading.

It's like just string together pseudo-legal bullshit. It's like those fucks from the Canada Unity who wanted to overthrow the government, and wrote a Memo of Understanding. It's got Sections and subsections!

I wonder if Dear Patrick will try this stuff it he ever gets into court..