Wednesday, August 23, 2023

So what's happening with The Democracy Fund?

Anyone keeping tabs on Rebel News' in-house fundraising operation The Democracy Fund, whose CRA reporting is still only up to the end of 2021? Where are the numbers for 2022? And what's the deadline for submitting them? Anyone at CRA looking into this?

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Anonymous said...

This is a good read about the squabbling supporters of the Coutts 4 charged with conspiracy to kill police officers.
Also questions about Marco Van Huigenbos, one of the three Coutts blockade leaders who are charged with mischief over $5000.
Ezra appears at the top and especially towards the bottom of the blog post; apparently he funded Marco's legal costs until Marco asked him an inconvenient question. Ezra also alledgedly promised to fund the Coutts 4 then decided not to.
They do not name the Democracy Fund but I assume that's what Ezra is using. There have been other fundraising activities raising a million $ for the legal costs of the Coutts 4 but maybe that does not include Ezra's DFund. Anyway, CRA should be watching, also CSIS and RCMP.