Thursday, August 17, 2023

The Rebel News junket to Hawaii: A commenter comments.

Regarding Ezra and the Ezrettes' opportunistic, donor-funded, ghoulish junket to monetize the tragedy and numerous deaths related to the recent Maui fires:

a commenter on that earlier piece summed it up more deliciously than I ever could. Behold:

As is always the case with these little Rebel junkets, you can write their entire coverage before they even board the plane.

  • Day One: here we are in the airport, looking grimly serious and getting ready to embark on our expedition to tell you the Real Truth Behind the Scenes.
  • Days Two and Three: we’re in Honolulu, where the restaurants and shopping are much better than on Maui. We’re adjusting to the time change, acclimatizing, scoping the mission, getting a real feel for the place. and pestering government officials. Curiously, they won’t talk to us. Obviously evidence of conspiracy.
  • Day Four: on Maui. We found a whole bunch of anguished people who lost family, friends, or property in the fires. We shoved cameras in their faces and asked them who was to blame. Here’s a heavily edited montage of the ones who blamed Joe Biden.
  • Day Five: Maui was depressing and stank of smoke, so we’re back in Honolulu. Alexa is recovering from PTSD from her time in the disaster zone, so we’re taking it pretty easy; but Ezra’s going out to the beach to tape a few hours of interview with this taxi driver he met who told him it was all a conspiracy by Obama’s relatives to clear waterfront for development.
  • Day Six: we’ve completed our documentary on the disaster and will be booking a national tour of tiny church halls across Canada for screenings. Stay tuned.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Don't make me have to explain this.

And what did I say about those fucking ghouls monetizing the tragedies on the ground?


Anonymous said...

Well, they just arrived, having filed the required "Here We are in the Airport on our Very Important Mission Trying to Look Like People Who Should Be Taken Seriously."

Their first Pulitzer-worthy story reports that:
- yep, it seems to have been a really bad fire, and
- wow, internet connectivity is poor, that's gonna inconvenience us.

That's it.

double nickel said...

They're going to miss all the excitement in Yellowknife. Maybe next time.