Tuesday, August 29, 2023

The pathetic dishonesty of Paul Mitchell.

I actually have no idea who Paul Mitchell is, but I included this screenshot in a recent post:

and it's worth pointing out how Mitchell is rancidly disingenuous in his first point alone, where he insists that the NDP:

'believes Covid "vaccination" should be mandatory for Canadians to receive proper healthcare'

It's hard to believe that Mitchell tells at least three whopping fibs in the space of a single sentence but, somehow, he pulls it off.

First, Mitchell refers to the generic concept of Canadian "healthcare." But this issue is not (and never was) about generic healthcare -- the Annette Lewis case was specifically about organ transplants and nothing more, so for Mitchell to generalize wildly and suggest it covers all of Canadian healthcare is despicably dishonest. But Mitchell is just getting started.

Not only is Lewis' case about organ transplants, it is specifically about lung transplants. This is a critical distinction as the transplant protocol that required Lewis to get vaccinated was focused on lung transplants, as lungs are particularly vulnerable to COVID-19, which is why that transplant protocol existed. For Mitchell to not point this out is his second massive misrepresentation.

Finally, Mitchell suggests this is a national issue, clutching his pearls over the danger of Canadians not receiving adequate health care, when this was in fact a requirement of Alberta Health Services, and therefore subject to provincial regulations.

In short, while shrieking hysterically about the danger to Canadian healthcare across the board, Mitchell misrepresents that the Annette Lewis case was specifically an Albertan issue, and involved someone who specifically needed a lung transplant, a situation that AHS decided required COVID-19 vaccination to ensure the greatest chance of success.

In short, Paul Mitchell is absolutely full of crap.

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