Friday, June 24, 2022

Why James Topp is such a dishonest piece of crap.

James Topp, who claimed to be walking across Canada to protest vaccine mandates, now openly admits that that rationale is absolute bullshit:

Perhaps someone could explain to Topp how democracy and elections work, then tell him to turn around and fuck off home.

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Anonymous said...

(Paul) Alexander, (a former official in U.S. president Donald Trump's administration) told MPs the "COVID-19 pandemic is over" and criticized what they call "government overreach" — in one instance, blaming lockdowns for the May 24 Uvalde, Texas, school shooting that left 19 kids and two teachers dead.

I would go into how incredibly illogical the above statement is, but fear I already killed too many brain cells just reading such stupidity, and want to preserve whatever brain cells I have left for more important, less idiotic matters.

(Cypress Hills-Grasslands MP Jeremy Patzer) added he would "meet with anybody who wants to meet with me who has a concern" and said the group does not have extremist views.

"I'm not willing to demonize or accept this narrative that people that have views that other people don't agree with, that they should be demonized for holding those views," he said.

I say we take Patzer up on his offer. I'm concerned he and his CPC cohorts don't know the numerous way they can go fuck themselves, and we should let him know of all the ways to do so. I mean, surely he wouldn't lie about wanting to meet those with opposing views and not demonizing them, right?

As for Topp...he's dissatisfied with what the government is doing? Good for him. Get in line with the rest of us.

Also, maybe it's just me, but if you're doing a march - whether in protest or as part of a charity thing - you do the entire walk/run/whatever all at once (with breaks for sleep, due to weather conditions, etc.), not do part of a walk, drive (or get driven) elsewhere in the midst of it, then drive (or get driven) back to complete it. What, the idiot couldn't talk with the numbnut CPC MPs and Senators via his iPhone as part of a Zoom call or something? Lazy git.