Friday, June 17, 2022

Chronicles of Twatrick: The Traffic Light Conundrum.

It's not so much the image of Patrick Ross, sitting in his car for 12 minutes, seething with rage in front of a traffic light:

It's that, for someone on the run from the authorities and trying to evade his obligations under the bankruptcy regime and collection enforcement, he takes to social media to publish his location right down to the intersection.

Truly, he has a dizzying intellect.


Anonymous said...

Come now, CC. That could be any number of places in the world that has a town or city called Clairmont, that also happens to have an intersection of Highway 2 and 100th Avenue. I mean, there must be one of them.

Lloyd Robertson said...

Out of curiosity, does your blog (particularly these Chronicles of Twatrick posts) get hits from Lloydminster and Grande Prairie?

CC said...

Can confirm.

Anonymous said...

Twatsy represents the apex of Conservative thinking to be fair.

Anonymous said...

The map shows the intersection of a township road and a divided highway. Lucky to have a light at all.
More false trails probably.

Pro tip for the super stealthy PR: Your radar absorbing coating on your truck also prevents the approach camera from seeing your car and shortening the default 15 minute light cycle between divided highway and township road.