Wednesday, June 29, 2022

It's vacation time so blogging will be light.

Don't hate me because I'm getting out of Ottawa before the Dumbass Convoy shows up for Canada Day ...

Now if you'll excuse me, I have a bathing suit and some SPF 75 to pack.


MgS said...

Swimmer here … I know hotel pools aren’t usually anywhere near training size, but that one really annoys me because whoever designed it put in “lane boundary” markings … on the bottom of the pool, but decided not to put in the proper T lines that actually tell the swimmer when they are approaching the wall.

… a nit, I know … but argh … often in the same way that movie scenes with random code on the screen while the character madly pounds at the keyboard to “hack the mainframe” produces a groan from everybody that actually understands software (and/or computer security).

Anonymous said...

Yes, and the lack of backstroke flags increases the risk of concussions. But at least the pool can set up separate lanes so that grandma can practice her head-up breaststroke in the fast lane.