Thursday, June 16, 2022

It's a liability thing, you know.

Recent commenter points out the amusing developments over at Rebel News related to who is officially (and legally) in charge:

Now, it's not just that three of those asshats (Berzigan, Monsanto and Humphrey) are literally children, or that Humphrey is possibly the stupidest person in Canada (with the exception of Lorrie Goldstein) ... no, it's the notable absence of one Ezra Levant, or as that commenter speculates:

"I wonder if these kids understand the nature of their own personal liability as Directors should any dubious funding, revenue reporting, taxation, or other issues arise. I note that Ezra is not a "Director"; very wise, since it's the Directors left holding the bag when the shit hits the fan, not the shareholder."

A fair point -- when the hammer falls, it's no longer going to fall on Ezra, but on some truly stupid children who were almost certainly unaware of what they were signing up for.

If any of them have lawyers, a phone call might be in order.


Brian Busby said...

But he's still Rebel Commander, right?

Anonymous said...

I commented on this a while back. Ezra seems to be scaling back his self-serving self-promotion at Rebel, and is getting more and more involved with The Democracy Fund, as if he's getting ready to bail on Rebel completely. That's pretty much his history, start something, milk every last penny out of it, then leave to start a new grift.

And it makes sense to move to TDF, since that's where all of Rebel's fundraisers are sending the money, anyway. So why not sign over Rebel to a bunch of wide-eyed kids who have no idea what they're getting into? I'm sure they have no idea of their legal liabilities if it's established that Rebel has been using TDF for something resembling money laundering to be able to issue charitable tax receipts.

The final reckoning could be messy.

RossOwesDay said...

On the bright side, Berzigan, Monsanto and Humphrey will likely fold under the slightest bit of interrogation. They're all dumb kids way in over their heads. They'd spill everything on Ezra's operation, whether they wanted to or not.

MgS said...

I don't have a window into The Rebel's finances, but I wouldn't be at all surprised if it's being carefully hollowed out, and by the time Ezra abandons it for TDF, there's nothing left. Those directors might be "left holding the bag", but frankly all that will come of it is a bankruptcy of the legal entity, and maybe a tut-tutting from the bench about fiduciary responsibility.

My guess is that The Rebel will be about to collapse when SGR steps off the board.

Anonymous said...

The Rebel being the Rebel, I'm sure the corporation has Board Liability, errors and omissions insurance up the ying yang, and I'm sure Ezra has assured the kids that they're perfectly safe against legal action.
What I'm quite sure he did NOT explain was that E&O coverage ONLY kicks in if it can be proved that the Directors exercised due diligence, and addressed all legal and financial concerns with the care and attention a reasonable person would bring to their own affairs.
I'm quite sure Ezra's well known blend of greasy charm, flattery and bullying has lulled these poor tots into complete, numb complacency.