Saturday, June 04, 2022

Someone is getting very, very, very rich off of this.


And since federal vaccine mandates will unquestionably be cancelled one of these days, someone is going to have a couple million dollars just lying around, and nothing to spend it on.

That's just a guess.

P.S. Remember that, since this money is apparently being directed through the CRA-approved charity "The Democracy Fund," all donors are eligible for tax receipts, which means the rest of us are covering the cost of all that lost revenue.


Anonymous said...

You should check out their "action" page. They appear to fundraising with a separate "campaign" for virtually every issue they're covering. I put quotes around "campaign" because, of course, they instruct donors to send money to the same address ("") no matter whether you're trying to support - it all seems to pour into the same huge vault.

As for the money they're channelling through the "Democracy Fund" - apart from the portion I assume they're getting back as grants and contributions to pay their increasingly amateur team as "trainees" (and presumably themselves as mentors, instructions, trainers or whatever), a goodly proportion of the remainder is being funnelled out the huge network of astroturf groups that have sprung up over the last little while, all purporting to oppose vaccine mandates, but in fact representing a sectoral and geographical database for supporting specific political candidates (Poilievre nationally, the New-Blue losers in Ontario, etc.).

Anonymous said...

If only someone at the CRA would get their heads out of their collective asses...

Anonymous said...

The CRA's too busy chasing people who claimed an extra week of Covid emergency relief benefits. Meanwhile, corporations who laid off workers and used Covid emergency wage subsidies to boost executive compensation and payouts to shareholders go scot free.

thwap said...

We saw how the RCMP was corrupt with the Duffy Scandal.

We saw how Elections Canada is corrupt with their non-investigation of harper's election fraud.

It's quite clear that the CRA is corrupt as are many in the judiciary.

Ezra Levant is a buffoon but he obviously has appreciative friends in the oil industry, and Bay Street, and the Conservative Party of Canada and the UCP in Alberta and every public functionary who performs as one of the elite's tentacles.