Sunday, June 19, 2022

That is some burning stupid.


Seriously, how can someone be that much of an imbecile and even function in society?


Purple library guy said...

Well, it's a stance. I can envision a defence for it, although I think it would be pretty easy to point out some counterexamples (e.g. people protesting for the right to commit non-consensual cannibalism on Baptists, because it's part of their religion) that he would NOT support.
But anyway, we can be pretty sure it's not his stance at all. I'd be willing to be he's bitched and whined many times about the cops not cracking down hard enough on environmental or first nations protesters. Right wingers are for THEIR right to make whatever trouble they want, but against the rights of anyone else. They say different sometimes. But they're lying, or at best keeping weird little category-boxes in their heads that tell them that THEIR protest is legitimate protest no matter what they do, and OTHER people's protest is dangerous breach of the peace no matter what they don't do.

Brian Busby said...

I would like to mention that I'm Anglican.