Sunday, June 19, 2022

Why Kawartha Dairy needs to fire Donna Sfetcos right now.

Hey, kids, remember this from a post a while back?

Which brings us to Donna Sfetcos:

who now seems perfectly happy to be the focus of fascist, Freedom Convoy sentiment, whereupon one Freedom Convoyer is going to stop off at that store for his ice cream and, after a while, he'll bring a friend, and they'll bring friends and, soon enough, the parking lot will be sprinkled with jacked-up trucks festooned with "FREEDOM!" and "Fuck Trudeau" flags and so on.

So you deal with it right now, and that starts by firing Donna Sfetcos' white nationalist, fascist ass.

Problem solved.

BONUS TRACK: It's worth appreciating how Sfetcos apparently went back on her word. Even Rebel News' coverage first pointed out how Sfetcos apparently agreed to simply not bring her politics to work:

So you'd think it was all resolved, right? Apparently not, as shortly thereafter, once Sfetcos became a Freedom Convoy star, she made it clear the flags were going back on:

In short, it could have all ended amicably, except for Sfetcos being utterly untrustworthy and having lied to her employer, which is just another reason to can her lying ass.

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Anonymous said...

That photo appears to show massive bruising on her left forearm. It seems to be healing though, with her upper arm turning yellow. It's that or she's trying for the tattooed lady job at the freekshow. Either way, she needs help.