Saturday, June 18, 2022

Rebel News' David Menzies openly encouraging harassment of Newmarket's Kawartha Dairy.

As that page from Rebel News has already been archived at the Wayback Machine, you can read it here without giving Rebel any clicks. As you can read for yourself, Menzies is positively gleeful over the fact that a gang of Freedom Convoy asshats descended on the Kawartha Dairy store in Newmarket for the obvious purpose of harassment and intimidation.

I'm sure Dave will insist that, hey, he's not promoting or advocating violence against Kawartha Dairy. Except that Dave is well aware of what sometimes happens when mentally unbalanced dingbats take what they read at Der Rebel a bit too seriously:

At what point can creepy stalkers like Menzies finally be held legally liable for the harassment their ugly news coverage inflicts on others?

PREDICTION: Imminent fundraiser for fascist employee Donna Sfetcos, after she is shit-canned for openly defying her employers. Let's watch.


Anonymous said...

If Donna continues to come to work openly sporting a Freedom Convoy flag in sight of customers, her boss has every right to fire her. It's a basic condition of employment that, on the job, it's your responsibility to represent your employer with professionalism. It's not your job to promote personal or political opinions that some customers might find offensive.

Anonymous said...

No shoes no shirt no service for customers.

No uniform no rule following no job for employees