Thursday, June 02, 2022

The Tulsa shooter: What did I just tell you?

Here we go again:

And before we hear any more of, "If only there had been good guys with guns, they could have stopped that bad guy with a gun," appreciate that Oklahoma is an open carry state:

which means that, legally, there was nothing anyone could do about a man walking into a hospital in Tulsa armed to the teeth as all of that was perfectly legal until the moment he opened fire.

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MgS said...

I have plenty of problems with allowing police to carry firearms, there is no reason on earth that a civilian should ever need to carry them around - especially in an urban environment where the only thing you might ever be "hunting" are people.

Purple library guy said...

Well, I guess in the US what you could do if you're worried about a person who is legally open carrying is, spray paint them black. THEN call the police and say there's an armed black male . . .

Anonymous said...

I can imagine the exchanges in an operating theatre in a Tulsa hospital:"Scalpel, nurse."
"Scalpel, doctor"
"Swabs, nurse."
"Swabs, doctor."
"Sutures, nurse."
"Sutures, doctor."
"Forty five Colt automatic, nurse..."
"Beat you to it, doctor."