Wednesday, June 22, 2022

"Heating Up The Capital" Hot Sauce Expo, Ottawa, 2022!

And now, for something completely different ... after the stupid crazy success of last year's hot sauce get-together, there will be another hot sauce expo at the same location in Mountain, Ontario:

One of the driving forces behind this is local lethal sauce maker Haico Krijgsman, who was kind enough to bring back to Ottawa the basket of sauces I won in the raffle last year but left before the winner was announced, so I just ordered tickets to this year's painfest, and you should, too.

Buy local. Always buy local.

BONUS TRACK: I have an unopened bottle of:

I haven't opened it because it scares me.

MORE BONUS: The raffle basket I won was from The Capsaicin Cartel, whose name alone is enough to make one nervous. In particular, I purchased a bottle of the limited edition "Kill Vlad" sauce before it went out of stock. I suffer gladly to this day.

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