Monday, June 06, 2022

Chronicles of Ezra: Pretty sure I never said any of that.

After my initial hissy fit related to preparing to (some day) go to trial related to Ezra Levant's meritless 2016 defamation suit against me, I will pick up where I left off and begin a series of methodical and dispassionate posts describing various aspects of this action. In fact, very little of these subsequent posts will feature any new material (at least not for a while); rather, a lot of them will repeat material I've already published openly over the last few years that some of you might have already seen. And remember, all of this is in aid of encouraging folks to donate to my anti-Ezra GoFundMe page, the idea being that I will lay out in considerable detail what is happening in this action, in exchange for people realizing this is something worth supporting. More on that toward the end but, for now, let's recap something I wrote about some time back.

In his 2016 Statement of Claim and subsequent Reply, Ezra made a number of disturbing claims about me, insisting that I had accused him specifically and publicly of a number of illegal activities, including (but not limited to) "accounting fraud", "tax evasion", "embezzling donations", "cheating donors" ... the list goes on but, rather than bore you here with that list, I am going to save time and redirect you to a piece I wrote in 2019, wherein ... oh, just go read it and come on back, where we will summarize the jaw-dropping weirdness of what you just read. I'll wait.

Dum de dum dum ...

Now, let me summarize to make sure there is no confusion about what you just read:
  • Ezra Levant specifically claimed that I accused him publicly of various flavours of criminal activity.
  • In order to rebut these claims, I performed a savagely comprehensive search of my own Twitter timeline, not just for those exact phrases, but for any and all reasonable variations of those words, just so I could not be accused of cherry-picking.
  • I documented the results of those searches, which proved incontrovertibly that I had never, at any time, made a single one of those accusations, and I presented that evidence to the motions judge.
  • The motions judge ignored every bit of that evidence completely, and "found" that I had defamed Ezra by allegedly saying all of the things I had just established were utter fabrications from beginning to end.
I will leave the above with you to ponder. There will be more pieces down the road but, for now, as always, it would be appreciated if people who are beginning to realize how thoroughly I got screwed over by the Ontario legal system would donate to the fundraiser.

There will be more posts on an occasional basis, and thanks for stopping by.

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Anonymous said...

Is it possible that you might have made these accusations on some other social media and not Twitter? Did Ezra identify where he got these phrases from?

CC said...

Anon: A reasonable question; at the time, my social media participation was exclusively through my CC Twitter account and nowhere else, so there is no way those phrases could have come from elsewhere.

More to the point, Ezra never provided a shred of evidence that I had published any of those phrases; his evidence did not include a single screenshot of any example. As I said, the motions judge was presented with my evidence, she clearly didn't give a shit, and simply copied and pasted from Ezra's submissions.