Saturday, June 25, 2022

God: The biggest abortionist of them all.

I have opined on this before, but when the religiously devout begin screeching about how God so loves the fetuses, feel free to point out that that very same Christian God, in a fit of pique, sent a worldwide flood to kill virtually every human being on the planet, including pregnant women and, consequently, their unborn children, making the Christian God the most renowned mass murderer of fetuses in the history of the universe.

I'm glad we had this little chat.


Anonymous said...

Hey, remember when our pious hard-right brothers used to claim that access to abortion was a deliberate, racist strategy by progressives to reduce and extinguish the black population?
One therefore wonders why they're celebrating today. By their own logic they must realize our precious Caucasian culture and White Way of Life has just been doomed by the tidal wive of Negro Babies they have unleashed?

Purple library guy said...

It is a little known fact that about 30% of very early stage fetuses get spontaneously aborted/miscarried before the woman involved realizes anything is going on. So God's plan apparently involves 30% of pregnancies being aborted on an ongoing basis.

And of course this whole religious attitude is, like those massive black bags women have to wear in certain Moslem states, not a historical notion. These people pretend that it's all about tradition and how religion always was and was always supposed to be, but both blanket opposition to abortion and the big black bag with eyeholes are 20th century inventions. The traditional Catholic doctrine was a fetus has a soul after "the quickening"--when you can feel it move, basically. Before that, no soul no harm no foul.

Anonymous said...

And not just a flood, but a plague of angry Jews which were told to slay every Amalekite including women and children, which doubtless included a number of fetuses - the Bible, not having the first clue about such things, is silent on such matters - and even the livestock and pets. and this happened again and again, sometimes the Jews were the slayers, and sometimes the Jews were the slain, but in every case, fetuses and children were among the intended victims, with the full approval of God.

Lawdy, it's shocking what you find out when you read a few lines further than you were supposed to for class.